Walking Expedition…

Waddecar is surrounded by networks of footpaths, making walking access really easy.

Please be mindful of our ongoing relationship with local landowners and please always follow the Countryside Code:

  • Be Safe
  • Plan ahead, follow signs and stick to the footpath
  • Leave gates and property as you find them
  • Protect plants and animals – take your litter away
  • Keep dogs under control
  • Consider other people and show them respect

In response to our neighbour’s feedback, we have produced this map identifying hotspots in the area where extra care is needed.

Please remember, the land you walk through is PRIVATE. We can all enjoy our right to walk along the footpath but we should also be respectful of the privacy of our neighbours and wellbeing of their livestock. So please, no picnicking in someone’s back garden and please, please leave no rubbish. If approached by residents, please be polite and cooperative. Groups should all be competent map readers and understand the Countryside Code so as to be able to enjoy our beautiful surroundings without disrupting the community that lives and works here.

Sadly, we have been contacted several times by local land owners with complaints about groups walking from Waddecar. The complaints have included property damage, littering, trespassing, tampering with farm yard machinery and harassing livestock. However, the greatest concern is walkers leaving gates open. Recently, gates were left open at Broadhead farm which lead to 18-20 young cattle getting down the lane and onto the road. The neighbours garden was trampled, and it was by luck that there wasn’t a collision on the road with a car. Please ensure that everyone in your party is reminded of the importance of following the Countryside Code and the potential consequences if they don’t.

Your co-operation is greatly appreciated.