Lost Wellie Creek is great for splashing around and getting wet! The small pond, situated in Bill’s Meadow, is ideal for taster sessions.

The water is around 1.5m deep at the deepest and the access ramp makes getting the rafts on and off the water easy.

Raft building is a fantastic team building activity. The Teams will need to draw on their understanding of physics, their skills in rope work, their design ingenuity and, most of all, on each other! The first step is designing and building the raft using the barrels, ropes and poles provided. Next, the test of getting the Raft on to the water and seeing if it floats and holds together. Finally, can the Team all get on-board and navigate around the Island? Getting wet is almost guaranteed.


Many users will not require a qualified Instructor for this session, but please see Leaders Qualification Requirements to see how this will affect you.

All the equipment required is included in the hire of the activity: barrels, poles, lashing ropes, helmets, buoyancy aids etc.

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